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Evexian Protocol

Micronutrient Testing
Intercellular Nutrition

Measures the function of nutritional components such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids within the white blood cell.

Research shows this method as the most accurate analysis of the body’s condition, genetic expression and deficiencies.

Nutritional Genomics

We analyze 100+ genetic variants that influence how your body metabolizes the food you eat. We identify influences of gene expression.

Enhanced Decision Making. Make smarter decisions at the grocery store, at your favorite restaurant, and while cooking meals for your family. Your Wellness Report empowers you with knowledge about how and what to eat based on your genes. Your report will also educate you on fitness, aging, stress and how to create an effective wellness plan.

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Supplemental Nutrients

Optimized Lifestyle


Everything you do is easier when you feel healthy. By personalizing your nutritional needs, providing beneficial supplements and customized care, you’ll have more energy, spend less time agonizing over which foods are right for you, get better sleep, and live an optimizes lifestyle.

  • Get a comprehensive list of supplements that are professional grade

  • We provide exclusive high standard brands and formulations

  • Standardized potency

  • Bioavailability

  • Honest labeling

  • Only licensed professionals

  • We guide you through the whole process

  • And more

Stem Cell Therapy

  • Non-invasive treatment 

  • Replaces damaged cells

  • IV or locally injected target specific 

  • Treats many medical conditions and diseases 

  • Excellent anti-aging applications, such as the art and science of cosmetology

Additional Testing

  • Hormone

  • Thyroid

  • Cardiovascular

  • Radiological exams

  • Heavy metals

  • Gut Health testing

  • Gluten sensitivity 

  • Diabetic markers

  • Urinalysis 

  • And more

Empowering your mind and body
for a healthier life.

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