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Welcome to the boutique Xcellment Program, the leader in Evexian™ Wellness Management Therapy Systems.  Within the systems protocol, we strive to assist each client the ability to identify with their personal purpose in wellness.  The services consist of lab tests, genomic nutrient tests, recommendations, and supplements which are primarily provided virtually.  Stem cell and additional services are described further below at our physical location (s).  

"Discover your Purpose
in Wellness."

Services Provided


  • Micronutrient Testing

  • Genetic Analysis

  • Cardiometabolic Testing

  • Hormone

  • Thyroid

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Prostate Panel

  • Radio Logical Studies

  • Stem Cell Therapy

  • And more...

Derma Fillers

  • Revanesse Versa

  • Revanesse Lips

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus

  • Juvederm Voluma

  • Restylane Defyne

  • Restylane Refyne

  • Restylane Kysse

  • Restylane Countour

  • Restylane Sculptura


  • Hydrafacial MD (Deluxe)

Chemical Peels

  • VI Peel

  • Perfect Peel

PDO Threads

  • Brows

  • Midface

  • Jawline


  • Rejuven

  • Rejuven with PRP

  • Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix

IV Drip Therpay

  • Fountain of Youth

  • Natural Defense

  • Rise & Shine

Wrinkle Relaxers

  • Dysport

  • Botox

  • TMJ's

  • Hyperhidrosis

  • Migraine Headaches

Additional Services

  • Kybella

  • Qwo

  • Cortisone Injection

  • Vitamin B-12 Injections

Evexian™ Ecosystem 
Evexian Ecosystem empowers an individual to make life choices based on wellness.  Wellness provides a vast array of individual opportunity, for example, based on biological science.  The general practice of understanding how and in what order such an ecosystem can function is what makes life exciting.  Simply put, Evexian Ecosystem has no specific order, only to be educated by exposure to the existence within the wellness ecosystem; especially, in the simplicity of general wellness.  There are practical systems of order, which can lead an individual to discover themselves and identify Evexian.  The intention of living past centurion, vibrantly with purpose and youth.  To discover and live with purpose.

Evexian originates from the Greek word, Evexia, meaning wellness.  As described above, Evexian solely represents ones personal identification of being well.

      "Discover your purpose in wellness."

What is your purpose in wellness?

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